Standard run bad moan post - PLO

    • CheckBop
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      Uploaded with

      First 10k PLO5, rest mostly PLO10 with a few k PLO25 towards the end. 40 BI below ev is pretty sick no? Or is this just standard PLO variance (these are all the PLO hands i've ever played after starting a month ago.)

      All encouraging wise insights are very welcome.
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    • Skodljivec
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      I started at plo10 and was 40bi under ev in the first 30.000 hands... Thankfully it wasn't as tilting as one would imagine, since i knew i was only learning the game...

      Things evened up a bit, but i'm still 30 under EV... So i guess it's really not that much :)
    • Ectoz
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      I gotta give it to you,that does look sickening.

      Hang in there!

      Looks like you're crushing to me.
    • xJCzZ
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      volume beats variance keep up the pace and it will even out, plus keep learning, reviewing just got to man up and grind it out (tough love) :D
    • Toothless32
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      yep I started to play plo 25 at the beggining of the summer holiday and I am pretty much -10 bi with 40 bi below ev for 3 months...plo can be pretty sick I guess, anyway today I read the topic on 2+2 where some guy posted graph of him being 200bi below ev over 400k hands....Overall like 30k usd difference so.... We should probably be happy, could be worse apparently xD