Congratulations from Lithuania!

    • ygis
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      Firsly, hello for evryone... I have been in this community for quite a long time, but I had my exams also wanted to have some rest, so I didn't have much time for poker... Well but now, this new promotion was like a propulsion for me to write my 1st post and join this community in forum.Secondly, I would like to tell about myself... So I'm from Lithuania, I'm 18 years old, previuos Chess champion. I found myself intrested in poker ~15-16 years old and I have been waiting till I will get my 18th birthday, so I think that's enough for the first time... I'm very happy to be a part of this community and I hope we will find a good way how to cooperate..

      I look forward to having intresting discusion with all of you.
      Yours faithfully, Zygimantas!
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