5 months ago a opened a Neteller account, I verified myself. I used it without any problem. But one day they closed it. First I thought it is just a simply review 1-2days and they will reopened. But it is still close, more than 3 month…
I was talking with them more times, I wrote mails but sometimes they also didn’t answered. When I got answeres, it was the same every time, like: „Thank you for contacting Neteller, your account is under review, we will let you know when we finish it, thank you for your patience „ I think I was really patient. But no more…I have so much money there. I can not belive that 3 months is not enough to make a review or to write informations to the customer. I wrote more times to the investigation and the claim departments and also to the customer service.

My last info from Neteller from 20 of August:
„Your account has been permanently closed, therefore no refunds can be processed, as per the Investigations department. We know this must be frustrating for you, but we have not made this decision lightly.Unfortunately, due to our security protocols, we cannot tell you the exact reason for our decision. This is because we cannot risk giving unscrupulous internet users an inside look into how to circumvent our security systems. We understand that it is very unlikely that you personally would do such a thing, however, this is a necessary step to help protect the security of all of our members and merchants.”

After this I was talking with them by phone . I asked how can I get back my money? She told me that she write a mail to the competent department and they will contact me by mail after a couple of they. What do you think will they give my money back? I can not belive that they will steal the customers money?!? I was reading here in forums about similar problems. Will I get back my money one day? Is anybody who can help me?