i played a dollar freezeout last night and should have finished on the final table, if not in the top 3, i had 100k stack, after getting a few lovely hands, i had aa kk running hands, and then 10 hands later i got kk again, so i raisd to 14k, blinds were 2/4k, folded round to big blind who had been raisin on nothing all game and just hittin lucky. he raised me over the top to all in. 75k and realistically i had no choice, i did sit and think about it and decided that this had to be the moment so i called. he turned over ak o which made me really happy, but typically he managed to hit his ace on the river which upset me greatly. i seem to keep getting down to the final 20/30 of a tourney but i cant seem to turn these into winning games. i won $5 for my finish whilst first won something like $140. so annoying especially after the effort that i put in!