tips to playing pocket tens?

    • tommygecko
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      Damn how i hate TT.. It's my most unprofitable hand. A bad beat 10 minutes ago has absolutely made me crazy (losing to a 60% VPIP player who shoved JQ and I had 72% equity on flop. He got lucky with the turn card which made straight for him)
      Is this hand supposed to be profitable (I'm new to preflop equity etc). How do I play them? fold to any 3bet most of the time? what if the 3 better has a wide PFR range?

      Now when I see pocket tens i feel like i'm destined to lose the hand :(

      additional info: I won 35.7% of my 14 TT hands
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    • metza
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      I actually really like tens. I have 2.37bb/hand with 77.83% win rate over 203 samples which is still small as a sample. 35.7% seems super low, but your sample is so small that it just seems like you're running bad a few times with tens, and should even out over time.

      The good thing about tens is they are really flexible as a hand. They can be used as a set-mining hand against a super tight player or as a legitimate 3betting hand against a very aggressive player.

      I would suggest folding to a 3bet almost all the time with tens, of course with adjustments made for 3bet monkeys, then you can call but in general it's not a hand you wanna be playing a 3bet pot with when there's such a high chance of overcards. It's not about the players PFR range, its about their 3bet range. Some players have a very high PFR but will only 3bet with a range that crushes tens.

      I'd say without a doubt TT should be a profitable hand. The main problem would be that you seem to wanna call 3bets with it, which is not ideal.
    • handsomeover
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      Like metza said TT can be played very profitable