I LOVE gamblers and my girlfriend

    • stachan005
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      Hi guys.
      I started to write this blog because i am really depresed.
      I am thinking only for poker,poker is my life.
      I crushed NL2 and now i play NL10 6max on Stars.
      My target is to be a poker profesionall player.
      My idol is Viktor Blom.
      I have to say,that i am under 19 years old and i go to High School,
      one guy who is older than me,and i know him, hit about 3 tourneys and he made about 1000$.
      I am really depresed because i wanna be better than he,i have to say that.
      I made 2,5k on hu cg nl50,but one night i was on total hard tilt,my bankroll move down to 0$.
      I was really frustred and i wanna play hu cg only.I couldnt have sex because i thought only for poker, today i feel still same fucking bad.
      After some time,i decided i have to play smaller limits (.10,.25) before return to HU CG because i had not safe roll for play and it was unplayable.
      How did i say,i play SH nL10 and i wanna move up to small,mid and after high stakes.
      It will be really hard time for my psyhic, but i am going to make everything for becoming poker PRO.
      Sometimes i play MTTs,usually shootout or Saturday duel.
      Once i finished on 16.th place,i hope next moths i will move up on better stakes.......
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    • variancekiller
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      Originally posted by stachan005
      I couldnt have sex because i thought only for poker,
      epicness bound to happen, when you say stuff like this!

    • bogstratos
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      Hello sir, first i wanna wish you good luck with your goals! Also, you might wanna work on your mindset too for a little bit since no matter how devoted you are to poker it shouldn't affect you in such a way man. I mean, you're not gonna have sex after a rough day at the tables? I think it should be the opposite :D .
    • magicadil
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      Having sex while thinking about poker is the equivalant of hitting the bad beat jackpot.
    • DrDunne
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      so much win here. i will be following!

      by the way stachan005 i just want to say welcome to the forums, and i think you should definitely get tracked. if you sign up to a poker website through pokerstrategy, you are likely to reach platinum status very soon playing nl10 (if you like poker as much as you say you do ;) ). if you do this, you will unlock all the articles and videos and use them to improve your game and move up through the limits!

      good luck sir.
    • stachan005
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      unfortunately,i am not tracked by pokerstrategy :( .
      I met your web after registred on pokerstars.
      But i like your articles and i think about buy a platinum licence.........thx for wish good luck :)
    • redskwerl
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      i love ur girlfriend too
    • chilliyen
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      I frequently have sex whilst playing poker.

      In fact I'm having sex right now with someone I love, ME!!!!!!!!!!!