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How dangerous limpers really are..?

    • M0na1isa
      Joined: 05.02.2012 Posts: 133

      Lots of things happen when you're playing micro-low stakes. So I'm mainly talking about medium-high stakes. And not the early stages of a tournament when even very good players may limp in with a wider range.

      So focus is on late stages, post bubble usually. When a fairly tight/aggressive player limps in from early position. How dangerous can he be?

      Should we muck a lot of hands considering he may be holding a monster? Imagine holding AQ late position. You don't have lots of chips so spare so see exactly where you are. What's the best thing to do against such a player when he did limp in the pot?

      What to do when facing a 3bet from him?

      Another scenario you're holding JJ-QQ or even KK. You make a bet against the limper, he 3bets you. You 4bet and he shoves. Is it wise to call with any of them? Is KK doomed to pay up in here can make a good fold?

      On the other hand, is it +EV to limp in with AA, KK from EP? Or opening shows less strength and odds of getting paid is higher?

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    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,244
      Hi Monalisa and thank you for you posting :)

      If a tight aggressive player starts open limping for the first time you should always be alarmed. If you have AQ in this spot it is absolutely possible to just call and see the flop. Most of the times you can evaluate your hand quite easily and sometimes even stack of against AA on a perfect flop. Therefore I will overlimp most speculative hands in this spot to try to stack him off. It's a simple fit or fold play.

      If you decide to isolate the limper and he 3bets, I would fold everything except QQ+, as long as I have no earlier reads on him that are showing me that he is doing it more often. Depending on the stacksizes my range might get a little wider.

      Personally I open limp very little. If I decide to open limp KK+ it is mostly in late game with a short stack from early position. Sometimes I play limp/3bet from BU/SB if BB is very aggressive and I have a solid hand.