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Fifty50 $15 - losing after 3000 tournaments.

    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      Until very recently I thought I was doing pretty well, having only a slight loss in all of my games. (and a quite nice profit, if I were to include rakeback calculations)

      I then hit a downswing. Nothing new really, so I continued on. It seemed to even out for a while, but then it came with full fury. The most annyoing it, that a considerable part of my losses goes to some blind donks with a non-functioning fold button, living in regions of the world where brain damage due to constant exposure to the Sun is the norm, rather than the exception. A'la: Three people limp, I push ALL IN AKo, villain calls with Q2s (or any crap, for that matter), and hits. And this goes on constantly. I know, it is good to play agains less skilled people, and I am ahead most of the time, but I'd prefer not to be forced to gamle against them.

      That was Hyper Turboes ($15, 6-max).
      There are three reasons I am playing Hyper Turboes
      1 - They are full of people who have no clue what they are doing. i.e limp-call ALL IN with crap. (one of the main reasons for the swings, I know)
      2 - They take very little time to finish. (more importantly, they take almost no time to fill, whereas I would need to wait up to 10 minutes in some more conventional SnG tournaments (and I am not even talking about standard speed ones).
      3 - Not considering this downswing I am doing pretty well in them.

      Decided to try something more civilized, .i.e less swingy (or so I thought), so I switched to Fifty50'es.

      Did not turn out too well, either, although I can imagine some of the mistakes I have been doing, and am correcting them.

      But, I then looked at my graph playing $15 Fifty50es. This can hardly be normal, can it? My EV line is as much in profit, as it can be, but in reality my money has been flushed away basically every time I open the client with the intention of playing a Fifty50 tournament, (with a few exceptions). What could I be doing wrong in them? I suppose it is difficult to analyse with so little information, though.

      I looked at a graph playing $30 Fifty50'es. It is more likely that the opposition is tougher, but at least the EV line is closer to the real winnings/losses. But it is the $15 ones I don't understand.

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    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952
      Hey there,

      What could you do differently?

      1. constantly keep improving your game (mental too)
      2. put in more volume
      3. look at 1. and 2.

      There's no magic answer or solution that will bring your winnings closer to EV line. You could start avoiding high variance spots but then you wouldn't be able to maximize your profits in the long run.