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      Greeting All,

      I'm John from San Antonio, Texas, as the handle implies.
      I have played poker, on an occasional basis, with friends for many years. However, I have just recently started playing No holdem. I am one of those lucky few that has a spouse that enjoys the game as much as I do, so no kitchen pass is required. :-)
      I discovered this webpage while searching for an answer to a question I have about all-in split pots that I will post in an appropriated thread.
      I have browsed the site and see there is so much for me to learn.

      Happy games and may the odds always favor you, unless of course you're playing against me,
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      Hi John,
      Welcome to
      We're all hoping to be able to play against you soon online.

      Maybe now that a US court has ruled Poker a "game of skill" poker can move forward south of 49