Looking to play first face to face game in Hull...

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    • pleno1
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      I'll move this to "international meeting place" maybe somebody can get you in a game :)
    • Opuuo
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      really?? where can I find the details??
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      damn missed this thread :(

      I'm also in the Hull area. Don't think the Hull poker scene is too vibrant tbh only one decent casino that run a couple tournaments a week not sure how many players they get there though i've never been. Also i think they run cash games all hours they are open but again couldn't tell you how much action and what stakes you will get. Devilfish lives on the outskirts of Hull we could go knock on his door see if he knows any games he can get us into :D

      Shout again next time you are in the area maybe i'll get myself down to the casino and see you there ;)

      Opuuo you are in Hull too?