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learning as been the lesson this month

    • sokoi
      Joined: 23.11.2010 Posts: 125
      My desire to become a pretty decent poker player be it online or at the tables has been reignited. I haven't played poker in quite some time and up until the beginning of this month actually I've really got back into. I've manage to figure out the perfect time to play as I'd consider myself a "recreational player" as I work shift work and have 2 weeks days 2 weeks nights. When I'm on nights it seems the best time as I come home around 3am and the house is asleep so i can put in a decent 4-5hrs a night in. On days, I've manage to get in a couple of hours (just after the kiddies have gone to bed)
      The month of August has been a lesson on a wide scale of things. Re-learning the SSS and utilizing the charts has been a trial of patience. Playing .01/.02 has definitely tried my patience to the max, but I'm pleased with myself to say that with some experience I've learned to some what come out "alive" lol
      I've decided to set some goals for myself this month and with it coming to an end soon I hope I can fulfill the rest of them so here they are;
      1) unlock the $10 a week ($50 completed as of yesterday Sunday Aug 26th)
      2) Reach Silver Status (completed)
      3) Reach Gold Status (228 points left, hope I can do it!)
      4) Log in 10000 hands (completed this as of Sun Aug 27)
      5) Finish the month in the black

      Hitting 10000 hands for me I didn't think was possible at least in a month that's for sure but it's amazing putting in time what you can do. I was super excited back on Aug 22 to the 23rd when not only did i reach 6000 hands but I made it to 8000 by the very next day! I especially liked the "Working Hard or Hardly Working" badge!! The sidekick program has been a fun and great tool with my goal setting.
      I've been mostly in the negatives when it comes to my back roll and if i can figure out how to paste a pic of my graph I will. I was please tonight that I actually made it above the line or as I like to call it the surface. I was actually in the black but a few hands didn't go my way and well, back down we go so hopefully I won't have to hold my breathe under the surface for too long. Learning to win has been a curb and as long as I'm sticking to the SSS and charts I hope to see more positive things and can really bring my game up a notch.
      Thanks PS for the video's (I've watched quite a few video's this month) Caught a few lessons this month as well by grummeler and tiltberger just to name a few, so thank you guys as well BogdanPS, AK and Gerv for their informative video's!
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    • sokoi
      Joined: 23.11.2010 Posts: 125
      so writing a blog isn't my strong suite, following up with it as much as I should be but I'm here as another goal of mine was reached. Although the month of September has been a rough one with a couple of down swings, it did have some positives.
      I played in a $5 MTT freezeout last Sunday made it to the final table 3rd in chipstack and finished 5th pulling in about $185. I feel as though I should have been able to take that one down for over $685 top prize but I had to put the little ones to bed and came back nearly blinded out :s_o: But I'm good with that, as my girls come first!
      My confidence levels in MTT is growing. I've cashed in just over 25% of MTT played raking in $245 in MTT payouts. I know it's not a lot but but for $1 it's helped sustain a cash game with holes in it.
      I'm still grinding away at NL2/NL4 again with some up/down swings that are becoming less and less painful, it's just the way those limits work and I've got to be patient and know that in the end I should come out on top and moving on to the next level.
      Another goal I've managed to hit, is my 40K hands avg. 20K a month. Hitting that was a huge milestone for myself considering during my downswings in the earlier weeks of September I took some time to reflect, recompose myself and hit the electronic felts hard the following weeks.
      So I'm off to read my newly 'hard earned' GOLD STATUS :s_cool:
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,031
      Hi sokoi,

      Would you like this moved to the blogging section?

      I know how it is with children and family, it can be very hard to find a balance there but you seem to doing good in that respect ;)

      I have tried on many occasions to step up my game and play something long enough to make a decent sample but I just cannot find the will, time and motivation.

      Fair play to you!
    • Lou199100013
      Joined: 05.10.2012 Posts: 8
      Well played to you sir,, I am hoping also to reach 10k hands at the end of the month with my starter bank roll. I do hope you manage to do this.

      Kind Regards

    • SenaidaJackson
      Joined: 18.10.2012 Posts: 4
      I have tried on many occasions to step up my game and play something long enough to make a decent sample but I just cannot find the will, time and motivation.