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Keys to the best HUD

    • M0na1isa
      Joined: 05.02.2012 Posts: 133
      Been surfing around and reading different articles/opinions on this matter. Thought might be a good idea to have a focused study in here.

      So everybody's welcome to post which stats you use on your HUD while playing a MTT. Or any question on this matter.

      One difference of opinion which was discussed variously during my surfs(!) was about Aggression Factor. Some believed it is totally useless. Some said you need at least a 2000 HH for that to be accurate. Even debates about when they're accurate how to read it and put it into good use. Any thoughts on this?

      I myself used to go with with Harrington's. When I started grind and playing 8-12 tables used Basic. Since I really couldn't read more than that :D

      As tournament advanced and tables got reduced, my HUD advanced as well.

      But now I found this feature on HEM 2 (yeah just found it, silly me) where you can use a setup to change your HUD automatically on each street. Which I think can be really helpful.

      So If anyone's using that feature would be delightful to read about your insight.

      Cheers everyone. And please participate :f_biggrin:
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    • thesundancekid
      Joined: 09.05.2011 Posts: 151
      Hi there I only play MTT and I have on my HUD only 2 lines...


      and that does the job for me,

      in regards to AFQ ., I find it really piontless I never use it, also if some 1 had over 60% they bet each street etc..but I just look at cbet flop for info like that.
    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,180
      First of all: Keep it basic!
      In general VPIP, PFR and maybe some 3betting stat should be absolutely sufficient for mtt's.

      Of course you can customize your HUD further. I use name, tournament M, foldto3bet, steal, fold to steal and cbet stats as well. But in fact they aren't really necessary and most of the times absolutely useless.

      The main problem is that you will never have a good samplesize on your opponents if you play mtt's. If you have 100 hands (which is kinda normal in tournaments) the 3betting stats are based on maybe 30 hands. The cbetting stats would be based on 15 hands and so on. That is not a good number to base your reads on it. You may sometimes get some tendencies - but not more. The more special a single stat gets the more useless it is.

      Imo it is most important to get a good and fast overview while multi tabling. Therefore a very basic HUD is sufficient.

      Changing your hud on every street or applying any other filters will reduce the number of hands that the stats are based on even further. In most cases the number of hands will be reduced to a point where the stats aren't helpful any longer. Personally I wouldn't use any filters.

      In the end it is really important that you always base your decision on reads and table flow and use stats as an indicator - but not as your only source of information.