Heads up SnG's

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    • arjun2001
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      Can't give the links here I think, just look it up on google Heads-up poker strategy.

      One thing that helped me get EV+ was aggressive style. IN HU you cannot sit around waiting for a hand. Be aggressive, Queen high, King high, Ace high should be raised from small blind. You will collect a lot of blinds like this and when the opponent shows resistance, you simply fold.

      So lets say you raise in SB 5 times. You raise 3xbb = 60 (10/20 blinds)
      And opponent folds 4 times. You get total chips= 80. One time he re raises you, you fold and lose = 60 chips. Thats an EV+ of 20 chips.

      SB raise is very common, post flop bluffs work well in position.

      Generally bluff more often against tight players, don't raise from SB if the opponent just calls/raises you everytime.
    • JD888
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      there is a very useful thread in the german forums


      in case you are not german try to translate it on the web!