Is this a correct Preflop call?

    • DirtyDunton
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      I was playing a Sit N Go 10 man tourney sitting in late position when A fella in front of me went straight all in. I had an AK in late position and called and the seat after me called. This was only the second hand of the game but this move seemed donkyish to me. Personally, I would never shove all in even with AA unless I was re-raised.

      My question is, was calling all in pre flop with a AK correct having a strong suspicion that this was a donkish play? My opponents had 66 and 99.

      The AK won the pot, just not sure if this is a correct play from an odds perspective. All I know is, making this call won me the game.

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :)
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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey DirtyDunton i've moved your thread to the SnG strategy board, any questions you may have about SnGs post them here and the experts will be sure to help you out :)

      Also are you using tracking software (like Holdem Manager for example)? If you are then why not find the hand in question in your database and post it in the relevant SnG hand evaluation thread, along with stats any reads you have on the villain and the pro and volunteer hand judges can help you plug your leaks that way. If you're not using any software yet then i suggest you look into HEM has a free trial for 30 days i think for you to test it out first, it brings so many +s to your game its unreal.

      Anyway, happy Tuesday
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      Hi, DirtyDunton :P

      What is the pay out of this 10-player SnG table? 50:30:20? Also, please give me a bit more info of what the blind level was, how many chips you and your opponent had or if you cant recall- at least a bit of insight of how many BBs you and your opponents had.