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From ZERO to SuperNova :)

    • stranovsky
      Joined: 29.08.2011 Posts: 31
      Hi Guyz!
      So I am going to start playing poker kind of seriously. Up till now I played just for fun,
      but as you can imagine, it has not been very profitable experience :D
      This summer I worked a bit and made some money. I also like playing poker and improving my game, so I thought I could try playing some serious fame :)

      I am setting up this blog to keep me motivated.
      I will post some graphs and updates every once in a while, I ll also try to set up some goals in the beginning of every month :)

      I would say wish me luck, but since poker is not about luck, wish me nerves of steel and loads of motivation to improve my game :)

      Who Am I?

      I am a 19 year old guy from Slovakia. I live in small town in south, just finished high school. This fall I am starting Uni, studying Finance.
      My bigest hobby is Triathlon, which I have been doing for more than 10 years now.

      Poker an I :)
      I started playing poker when I was 15/16, just for fun with my friends. We didnt really know anything about outs and odds, but we knew a lot about luck back then :D
      After couple months I read SuperSystem2 by Doyle, which changed my thinking and took my game to next level . After that, I also read Every hand revealed by Gus and couple articles online, but nothing so significant.

      My first experience(s) with online poker was/were quiet dissapointing, as I thought I could turn 10$ into thousands overnight. I tried everything 1table SNGs, MTT, HU SNG, CG, but as I didnt follow ANY bankroll management and couldnt handle my tilts, I ended up broke every time :f_cry: :D I think I lost couple hundred $ overall.

      This summer I was thinking I could start doing something that could make me some money. In the end it came down to trading or poker. I decided for poker, cuz I know more about poker and my bankroll wasnt quiet big enough for setting a serious trading account.

      Current Status:

      :spade: 9tabling CG FR, NL5 on Pokerstars
      :spade: Bronzestar (goin Silverstar this month)

      Long Term Goals:

      :diamond: make money playing poker, while studying at uni :f_cool:
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    • fruktpuff
      Joined: 24.09.2010 Posts: 3,982
      Welcome to our blogging section!

      Will be following your progress and hope to see updates with great news frequently, and the occasional badbeat or cooler much rarer!

      Anything can be done with the right motivation and dedication, go prove how awesome it can be!

    • stranovsky
      Joined: 29.08.2011 Posts: 31
      Soo I played a bit today.
      It was pretty good, untill I hit a wall or something. Than i begin to play terribly wrong and lost a shit ton of BBs. I ll have to review the session tomorrow, read some articles and try to play better :)
      This is a NL5 session, but couple more days like this and I am moving down to NL2

    • stranovsky
      Joined: 29.08.2011 Posts: 31
      Soo today was a really nice day, I have to say. I played three sessions cuz I had nothing else to do and simply felt like playing a lot. I am not trying to force it too much, cuz it gets harder to concentrate and I cant play my a game anymore.

      Here is todays graph:

      I am not content with my blue line - the money won in showdown. I know I call to much, even when Im 90% sure I ve lost. I will have to work on that and my productivity can increase rapidly :)

      I had some really interesting games, which Im going to post ASAP :)
    • gigenieks
      Joined: 18.10.2010 Posts: 130
      Hi there! :s_cool:

      How are you?
      Can I ask: how many tables you play? Which site? And what type of tables (FR or 6max) ?

      Just interested.

      Also how big is your bankroll?

      Btw, I congratulate you on your last session. Good job. :s_thumbsup:
    • stranovsky
      Joined: 29.08.2011 Posts: 31

      I play NL5, FR, six tabling on PokerStars. I find it hard to concentrate on more than 6 tables at the time, tried it for couple hands, didnt work out very well.
      My bankroll now is 150$, 30BIs :)
    • stranovsky
      Joined: 29.08.2011 Posts: 31
      Sooo, I was away for last couple days and didnt play any poker.
      Now as I am back I guess its time to set some goals for September. I may not be able to play everyday, since I do also have other stuff to do this month, and I am starting my first year at uni. So only a very few goals to keep me motivated. :s_biggrin:

      Short term goals for september:

      :spade: Reach SilverStar status
      :spade: Spent 4 hours studying poker a week
      :spade:P ost min. 20 hands for evaluation
      :spade: Finish month with positive EV