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    • zeezeeflop
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      Not sure where to post this.
      I had a large downswing and am regrinding my bankroll on 888.
      After last year I am conscious of a site like 888 potentially having a full tilt episode.
      Would it be advisable to keep withdrawing from my BR so that my whole roll is not on there?
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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      I think it's probably safe at 888, it's one of the biggest sportsbooks in the world however that doesn't matter you need to feel safe, i wouldn't leave my wallet with the homeless man on the street to look after even if i knew he was a nice guy right?

      Also since we are no longer partnered with 888 you won't be receiving Strategy Points, and therefore you won't be able to upgrade to a shiny gold status or maybe even platinum/diamond.

      We have plenty of partner rooms to choose from and a thread here; Choosing the right Poker Room for you! updated daily with the best advice on what room would suit you best. Have a look and see if any tempt you into moving and earning those Strategy Points again :)

      All the best
    • RasTweet
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      Hi Zeezeeflop

      I won't talk about 888poker, but just answering your BR question.

      If a poker room is safe or not thats hard to say. FT was with PokerStars probably the safest room around... See what I mean?

      What I want to say is try to keep your roll split up/not all in one room. You can keep half your BR on one room and the other half in an e-wallet or even another room. This way if some kind of black Tuesday happens, you'll always have some BR left.

      I was playing on 888 as well, I started there with my whole BR as well ($80) and moved from nl2 to nl10. Our partnership with 888 stopped, so I wanted to move rooms. I cashed out my whole BR (€450) and I went to Unibet. Now on Unibet I only deposited 15BI's for nl10 (€150) and left the rest (€300) in my e-wallet.

      If there will be a black whateverday I will still have those €300 save in my e-wallet.

      I hope this all makes some sense?

      Best of luck on the tables!

    • zeezeeflop
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      Yeah, cheers for the useful insight guys :)