steal from BTN with any two calculation

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      Hello everyone i have search and found somewhere on the internet a formula that you can calculate based on the foldtosteal stat if its profitable to steal from the BTN with any...

      the formula is this :

      EV=(1.5 * F) - (XBB * (1-F))

      F= SB fold to steal * BB fold to steal
      XBB= how much BB you raise from the BTN

      so if we say that SB folds to steal 80% and BB folds 90% and we raise lets say 3BB from the BTN with any two

      EV=(1.5 * 0.72) - (3 * (1-0.72)) = +0,24 so the formula says its profitable to steal in this situation with any two

      can anyone confirm if this is correct ?:)
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