September Rake Race Hat-trick

The Ladbrokes Poker September Rake Race Hat-trick gives players with three 10 day Races - each of which is an opportunity to win a share of the total €24,000 prize pool!

This month's race is broken down into three 10 day mini-races. Each race will cover a different form of Poker, so players who focus on any specific form of poker can find one perfect for them.

As always, Double Race Points periods will be available during designated weekends.

• The September Hat-trick leaderboards will be updated daily.
• Rake Race points are calculated to four decimal places, but for display purposes they are rounded to the nearest whole number. Should two players earn exactly the same amount of points in the Rake Race, they will be awarded the same prize money made up of the sum of the two positions divided equally between the players.
• Payouts will be made to the Top 50 finishers on Tuesday 2nd of October 2012.

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