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    • nabokow
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      any ideas how to fix this? 24h support did not help...Windows 7 64bit, latest java, reinstalled java and poker room software for a couple of times, yet...Happens at another entraction room too, impossible to play, sometimes you can't even click check/bet/fold buttons. Reinstalled windows, tried another GPU, even another machine, but problem remains, had to quit endurance challenge last month because of that...
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    • CallumN
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      Hi Nabokow,

      This problem does look very strange, not something I have seen before.

      Have you mentioned this issue to support? This is something they should be passing on to their technical team as it must be a error with one of the latest updates or something.

      There is not much I can suggest besides asking support in this case. Hopefully some users would be able to comment if they have experienced any similar problems.

      Keep us updated with what happens.

    • nabokow
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      so, after countless reinstalls room decided to finally work with Java 7 Update 7 (24h poker support's suggestions were pretty useless though) - even though I had this latest version of Java installed before and tried reinstalling it many times, so I have no clue what exactly made the 24h poker software work - might be it wasn't verz friendly with my Comodo firewall settings, I have really no idea. 11 days played at endurance challenge so far, hopefully I make 20 without this problem appearing again.
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      Glad to read its all been solved now nabakow!

      Fingers crossed you wont meet any further distruption!

      Happy grinding,