Poker 770 cheat software

    • davegraysr
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      In the last week I have caught 2 people using "cheat software" while playing at Poker770. I wrote Pokerr770 and gave them all the details and they did nothing. These are the players names: "Sarrukinu" and "Kurduc" Both players were caught in the "Cawdor LHE" room of Poker770. If Poker 770 can't stop people from using cheating software that allows a player to see EVERY ONES cards, then they can't be trusted with your credit card information either. Close your accounts and go else where!
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    • Tomaloc
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      that's interesting.

      how did you catch them?
    • metza
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      What's weird is how they'd get software that lets them see the opponents cards, then go play Limit Hold'em instead of No Limit. I would have thought the profit margin would be way higher in no limit hold'em with superuser capabilities.

      It's also a pretty big jump from slack cheat-policing to credit card fraud, you can't really lump those two together.

      Not the first dodgy thing I've heard about 770, not sure what to think about the site.
    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hi davegraysr,

      Moved your thread to relative board.

      I don't mean to sound so skeptical but how do you know they are using cheat software? Does playing in the LHE room "Cawdor" give you the ability to see other users hole cards? If you could then please explain further and in more detail on how you caught these users using the cheat software so we can keep our members informed :)

      Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon
    • Vygantas82
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      probably guy played at the table with famous colluding bots and they screwed him up perfectly.
    • magicadil
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      Definitely something fishy going on at poker770.
    • CallumN
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      Can you please let us know how you know these guys are using cheat software?

      Im sure its something Poker770 would not tolerate