first deposit bonus

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    • Mullet1
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      Hi AlwaysRemember,

      I deposited at the end of July and would have expected my FDB to have been credited by now.

      However I was speaking to customer support during August who advised that I had until the end of August to clear my FDB. Clearly this is more than the 30 days stated. I suspect this may have been due to migration at the beginning of August.

      Anyway I would now expect this to be credited by the 3rd September (end of August plus 2 full days).

      Perhaps this is a similar situation for yourself.
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      Hi guys,

      I have never played at 24hr Poker but I would stay in contact with their customer support as much as possible.

      Hope you guys can get it sorted very soon.

      Keep us up to date with any developments :)

      All the best,
    • AwaysRemember
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      I have received my money plus a bonus of 0.68 Е probably for the delay.