Hi fellow PokerStrategists,

I've been an active participant on ps.com for a few years now, in coachings, on the forums, and playing, hopefully helping some of you out, as some of you have helped me greatly.

I hope you don't mind me asking for your help with a project I'm about to complete. Several years ago I invented a unique intuitive system of music notation.

I've now begun an interactive ebook project based on it that could use some help with a kick start.

I'm looking for help from people who will pre-order the book, or help out in other ways, monetarily or otherwise. I've already launched an indiegogo campaign where you can find out more details about it:


also you may choose to like the page on facebook to help me raise awareness.


My plan is to launch the book along with an application, I'm looking to hire a programmer to work with once I reach my goal.

If you play, or would like to participate in any form of music I think you'll find this book very interesting. It combines my understanding of science and music, and will benefit both amateurs and pros.

I've read that some of you have expressed interest in business ideas. You'll find that this is one that requires relatively little support, while having potential to become very successful. I've tested the system with great effect already, and I am considering working with others (partners/backers.)

Some details are confidential until published, but I'll be happy to discuss and send you materials by email.

If you are interested in hearing about the book when it's released please let me know in this thread and I'll keep your information for when I publish - I'm planning to give away a fair number of copies for promotions.

Thanks for helping (and tolerating my borderline spam?), here's to a successful launch and future projects.