bonus 100$ finaly sucked out by fish so ...

    • Cardbender
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      So.... I'm never playing @ Mansion again. Uninstalled and I dopnt care about the 10k free roles i could play in.

      Too many technical problems. Over the last 2 week 7-10 times i was folded holding the best hand durring mid play. I'll raise all in, it frezzes then im folded. lost at least 40$ this way. not to mentions the profits i could have had if I took those pots!

      Masions reply is there are tech difficulties..... they dont know on whos end the problems is. Considering this doesnt happen to me @ Stars, FTP or Party I'm guessing its on their end. I have had enough of their crap software! Not to mention my horrible luck there.

      Mansion sucks!!!!
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    • DrFunk
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      I generally like Mansion, but yeah the software is really bad and slow. I can't normally 6-table, everythink is working really slow, buttons do not work... Maybe i need a better computer.
    • Glazenburg
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      I never had any technical problems on mansion. There were a few times there servers where offline though...

      The thing i most dislike about their pokerrroom is the fact that if you had your starting capital transmitted to there, you can't get a First Deposit Bonus anymore..

      Since they don't have any good rake-back or reload bonus, i don't see any reason to play there anymore.

    • CimkoPro
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      ya mansion software is worst iv ever seen :)
    • hunt32
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      I manage to 15 table Mansion but my laptop is on fire!!!! CPU Usage is like 99%, while 15 tabling IPoker is like 22%