What are short videos and why do we want to go there?

The 15 minutes are chosen because several researches have shown that human attention span when watching online videos drops drastically when video length is over 20 minutes. The 15 minutes is a rough guideline, but try to stick to it to prevent passing the 20 minute mark

Short videos should be about 15 minutes long and cover 1 specific topic. After this video, the topic should be fully covered and preferably not ‘to be continued’. To make sure you can do this, take good care when choosing topics. The topics shouldn’t be too general.

Video formats that lend themselves well for short videos:
• Theory / Concept video
• Specific hand(s) review
• Stat analysis / leakfinder
• Presentation/discussion
• How-to

Videos that don’t lend themselves well for short video format:
• Live sessions
• Session reviews
• User session reviews

Tools for 15 minute Videos:
• Pokerstrategy Equilab / Equilab Omaha
• Powerpoint
• Excel
• Holdem Manager
• ICM Manager
• Forumposts

[SIZE=16]How to create a good short video?[/SIZE]

How to prepare:
• Choose a clear, sepcific topic
• Set target audience
• Create a structure and timeline
• Prepare your tools (powerpoint, precalculated ranges, forum posts, hand histories, ICM trainer, etc..)

Start of the Video:
• Introduce the topic
• Mention the target audience
• Start with the topic right away!
• This should in total not take up more than 30 seconds

During the video:
• Concentrate on your single topic
• If other fields are touched - refer to other pieces rather than explaining.
• Do not repeat yourself, if something is very important: key learning at the end of the video
• All calculations, ranges etc. have to be prepared before the recording. (see how to prepare)

End of video:
• Present key learnings (takeaways, memorable sentences)
• Motivate users to ask in comments & discuss
• Crosslink other material if adequate

Make sure you can discuss the entire topic within your timeframe. This means you shouldn’t just simply cut a 50 minute video in 3-4 parts when the video was originally designed to be 50 minutes long. Plan your video around one topic that can be discussed in a 15-20 minute time frame.

Some nice example video's:
Cornholio: Room for improvement
BogdanPS: Variance in Poker
Collin Moshman: Low Blind Bluffing