HUD setup

    • clydePHP
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      hey im playing turbo STT 1.5$ just wondering what is best HUD setup there? and any tips in turbo? since its different from regular
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, clydePHP!

      I use filters depending on how many players are left. I do it this way-7-9(10),4-6, 3-handed, HU.

      Stats I use go as follow- VPIP/PFR/Steal/3Bet, line, Agg. f, Cbet, Fcbet, number of hands.

      I think it's quite useful and standard.


      In turbo tournaments, you should play closer attention to push/fold, ICM in general. But this applies to all sngs, in FR though- ICM plays a higher role due to flatter pay out structure.

      Stack sizes get shallow easily, so u need to have your late game strategy mastered. Another good way to do so is by posting hands in our evaluation forums!