Self Disipline in SNG HU

    • erdsah
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      Hello .
      Just wanted your ideas.

      Gonna try a self disipline technique.
      And play some heads up SNG to see where i am at. *

      My rules:
      I will play 1000 games at 7 dolars at stars
      If i play with %53 ITM i will pass to 15 dolars and more higher as long as i hit ITM %53.

      Does this sound well for my self disipline?

      * i had played lower stakes hu sng and really like the fast format.I have issues tilting and disiplining myself.
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, erdsah!

      Why don't u start a blog and put in some more goals, share more info about yourself, your previous experience. It helped me quite a bit + you will get more advices. I find it very useful. If you happen to achieve a higher status, you can also post hands in our SnG HU evaluation forum where you will get the help of our HU SnG experts.

      Discipline is a wide term. Put your goals on paper- something 1k games this month, watch 10 vids, post every hand, make 2-3 sweat session, work on your tilt issues etc.