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pot odds maths

    • dogmasrockets
      Joined: 08.11.2009 Posts: 11

      I'm having a little difficulty here in terms of deciding whether it is profitable (+EV) to continue in a hand.

      The calculation I have is:

      Pot : Price to continue > Bad cards : Good Cards

      So the odds of bad cards vs good cards must be greater than the ratio of what we have to put in pot to order to profitably continue in the hand.

      Ignoring implied odds of course.


      Hero: 6 :diamond: 7 :diamond:

      Flop: A :diamond: 3 :diamond: 5 :club:

      Pot is at: 12$ (1$/2$)

      Villain bets 8$ to us

      So... 20:8...5:2 therefore about 2.5:1 (Pot ratio)

      Bad cards : good cards
      rest : 9 diamonds + 3 fours left (excluding the diamond one)
      52 - 5(in hand and on deck) - 12(good) : 12
      35 : 12
      simplified to
      2.916 : 1


      2.5:1 !> 2.916:1

      odds on the pot are not greater than the odds to improve on the turn

      therefore, barring implied odds and all other factors it is not profitable to continue with the hands.

      Is this correct?

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    • lnternet
      Joined: 19.06.2012 Posts: 782
      yes, everything is right

      You should maybe work with a little chart that tells you

      2/3 pot bet = 2.5:1 = 28.5%

      For the outs calculation, your way is correct, but you can usually abbreviate like this:

      You have 12 outs ~= 24% (just times two)

      So you need 28.5% but have only 24%, and thus don't have direct odds to draw.

      (Of course folding this is horrendous, just saying that so nobody gets confused)
    • dogmasrockets
      Joined: 08.11.2009 Posts: 11
      Thanks internet