Heads Up!

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      :club: Hello, I have introducet my self before, I am from bulgaria and 18 years old :club:
      playing poker since 12 :)
      Every time I played at online poker I've lost ;(
      Now I am back I did read a lot made my own strategy
      and I play Heads up sit and go's 1.50$ and 3.50$
      I started playing yesterday with 10$
      and now I got 101$ bankroll this my biggest upswing
      I need some money right now because I will start school
      and I will withdrawal 35$
      and I will have left 65$
      First goal is to rebuild again to 100$
      And from this point I will play 3.5$ only
      and I want to make 1000$ from sit and go's Heads up! :) :s_biggrin:
      Bankroll 108$
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