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Hi everyone! :)

    • SharkOfSpade
      Joined: 28.04.2012 Posts: 18
      Hi! I live in Latvia (Eastern Europe), and now I am learning, to become telecommunication technician. I have just turned 18, and I have bean playing poker for a 2 years now, but just now, I started to take it seriously. I play poker in my dorm, where I am by far a winning player. But now I realise, that I am loosing player in the online poker world. My best success was making 0.40$ from freeroll in to 60$, but as a loosing player I am, I lost it all anyway. After a whyle I put 30$ more in to a, and ofcourse, as a loosing player I am, I have allmost lost it all again.

      So now I have really decited, to work on my game. Now I have downloaded PT4 trial version ( after 30 days, I will probably buy the software).

      I have a question - is the SitNGo articles enough, to make me from loosing player to winning player, or is it just a start of everything?

      I did find a summer job, and made some money, so I was thinking to read allmost every SItNGO article in here (till the gold lvl enclouding) and put a 350$ into a pokerstars account (that is a big money for me. In my country, that is like the minimum wage).

      Why I want to do this? I dont want it to be just a hobbie. I have my own little pipe dream, to become a proffesional poker player, so It would be my main source of income.

      So yeah, that is about it. :)

      /The fear of average life/
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      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,026
      Hi there SharkOfSpade,

      Welcome to the community! It's good to see another Sit and Go grinder around here :)

      I see you are still a basic member, have you not taken our quiz yet? Once you pass the quiz you'll become a bronze member and you can use our free bankroll to get you started!

      You can also become a bronze member by depositing onto one of our affiliated Poker rooms and using the instructions to track your account to

      For a SNG grinder I would suggest Betfair Poker as it is one of the fishier sites, has a great first deposit bonus and has plenty of games running all day long.

      Our strategy articles and videos provide the basic starting point for all players. While reading them all will be super important for your game development it will not magically turn you from a losing player to a winning player.

      You will have to work on the concepts and apply them to you. Each hand plays differently in different games but for the micro SNGs you should be able to see a big improvement in your play by following our strategies.

      If you are deadly serious about improving and becoming a winning player I would really suggest downloading our ICM Trainer Light and when finished with that our ICM Trainer.

      I also suggest you take a look at our Sit and Go Hand Evaluation forum and Strategy discussion and see what you can learn from there :)

      Once you have your PT4 running you should definitely post hands that you found tricky or you weren't sure if you made the right play. Our judges will come along and give you their professional opinion :s_thumbsup:

      That's a lot to take in right? Just remember that it all won't come together straight away! Take some time to digest all the available content and don't hesitate to reply if you have any questions or concerns!

      All the best,
    • Magicmage19
      Joined: 15.12.2011 Posts: 9
      Hey glad to have you, you will do great here, Good luck mateo!!