Brand new guy, a bit about my gambling history!!

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      Hey there everyone, my name is Dan. I love this site, just joined the other day, I really am getting a lot from the strategy guides and videos, and learning some stuff I never knew.

      A little bit about my poker history. I started playing online when I was 20, when to the casino for the first time on my 21st birthday, played blackjack for an hour and wonn 100 dollars. I have to say from this point on I was hooked. And I love every second of action.

      I have been playing a total of 4 years recreationally, and I have had my ups and downs, nothing probably compared to some people here but some good stuff.

      Overall I am not a winning player, but I work on my game all the time, and hopefully this site and everyone else will help.

      My biggest tournament win was 1st place in a 6 max nl holdem for 4500 in 2010, and my biggest win at the tables was an 1100 win (2200 dollar pot) in 2/4. Very proud of these things but I need much improvement.

      I am down probably 3500 for the year, which I don't consider too horrible considering I play online and brick and mortar casino twice a week, and like I said, I have a lot to learn.

      I love playing cards, and talking about poker, I love reading about hands and learning from my mistakes, and most of all, action, action, action!!

      Nice to meet all of you and good luckk!!
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