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definition of 'equity %' in equilator

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    • tzveti
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 210
      The equity is the percentages of the pot that are statistically yours. In other worlds, its your chance to win the pot *1 + your chance to tie divided by the number of players that you will tie with. When there is no chance to tie, the equity is = your win %. But when, lets say, you hold JX on a AAAA turn, and you get it all in again one with JX and one with QX, the guy with the queen has about 90% equity, and you two have around 5, thats the chance of a split(around 16,if river comes Q or K), divided by three.
      If the board is AKQJT rainbow, you will each have 33% equity, no matter your cards ofc, the chance of a split(100%) divided by the number of players who will split.