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Rocking out 0.10$ SitnGOs

    • SharkOfSpade
      Joined: 28.04.2012 Posts: 18
      Ok, so the thing is, I have allmost blew my bankroll, so I got 6.50$ left, and as I mentioned in other posts, I want to become a winning player. SO I need to learn, how to multitable, that is for shure. But it takes time to get use to. My goal is to be good with multitabling atleast 10 tables, before I make serious money deposit (My goal is to start grinding 3.50$ 9max tables at But that is the future. First I need to read every material, and take it in, I can get my hands on. :D Now for the present).

      The thing is, that blinds incrases fast at these SitNGOs, and people are really loose, because noone gives a S**T about those 0.10$, and takes big risks.

      Why I want to play here? I want the expierience and I want to take in the practise the things I learn at

      But is it possible, to be a winning player at these limits (0.10$, 360 people turbo SitNGos) strictly using the material from (The TAG approach, if I'm understandig correctly).

      For those, who are not familiar with these SitNGos at, you start with 1500 chips, and blinds incrase by every 3 minutes as fallows:

      100/200 20
      125/250 25
      150/300 30
      200/400 40
      250/500 50
      300/600 60
      400/800 80
      500/1000 100
      600/1200 120
      700/1400 140
      800/1600 160
      1k/2k 200
      .. and so one

      For any feedback, tnx in advance.
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    • Deadbillis
      Joined: 24.08.2011 Posts: 308
      Due to the amount of maniacs on these, you can have massive variance.

      You'll quite often get into 3,4 even 5way pots and so even Pockets Aces get stung a lot.

      I used to play a lot of these and would often sit out the first 3 rounds as 2 or 3 players will go out in these and then I could start playing.
      I always played ultra tight until I'm at 10bb stage then push or fold.

      Definatly download the ICM and get used to push or fold strategy.

    • SharkOfSpade
      Joined: 28.04.2012 Posts: 18
      Thanks for advice man! :) I will really keep that in mind. :)
    • MrS212i
      Joined: 03.02.2011 Posts: 595
      OP the $0.10 360man sngs are a real good place to learn your foundations,
      plus build a bankroll! I recently joined a profit/ coaching SNG stable.
      Had to play 500 games in 2 weeks, to prove i could put the volume in,
      and to have something to review with the coaches and work on my game.

      I didnt have much money, so I deposited $10 to play the 500 games, a mix of $0.10 & $0.25 sngs.
      I finished the games in less than two weeks, making a profit lil more than $50,
      over just 320 x $0.10 games..heres the graph