Looking for NL50 regulars

    • DeMarcohsp
      Joined: 15.06.2010 Posts: 1,975

      I'd like to meet the regs that lurk at my stakes and discuss with them the strategy stuff , the good stuff, the bad stuff, the fish stuff, the wife stuff (wait... I guess that not) :D .

      Add me in the community and ask for my skype ID if you want a partner to help you crush.

      I actually play on Unibet, but from what I know we have shared pool so it's like the same thing.

      Best regards.
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    • circoflax
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      I played there for the last week clearing some part of the FDB. If you're the guy 3betting me 24% I'm gonna kill you LOL. Don't know if I'm gonna keep playing though as my FDB expired today, I have a better deal somewhere else and the games are softer.
    • TiciBoy
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      I might join Labrokes for the bonus and RB. :)

      How's the traffic & level of play at NL50? Can you easily load up 6-9 tables of 6max at any time or only the evenings?

      Thnx for info.