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Why do we raise more from the blinds?

    • Imimba1
      Joined: 12.12.2011 Posts: 2,897
      I honestly want to understand the logic behind it. Objective, sound, constructive reasoning should give the basis to the claim: ,,Raising more from the blinds is +EV".

      IP: 3bb+1/limper
      OOP: 4bb+1/limper

      We are building a bigger pot OOP, in a handicapped situation. Why?

      I have some ideas, which people would say:
      -get more fold equity
      -get more value

      The two reasons go against each other, so the two can't be true at the same time. Tell me reasons, which arent inconsistent with each other please :( .

      Edit: EnterG is right, raising OOP=raising from the blinds technically :D
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    • EnterG
      Joined: 26.01.2010 Posts: 632
      IMO we raise fewer hands OOP than IP.So our hands are strong.So it is value bets.
      Fold equity is also important since we are OOP that's why we bet bigger.

      If you don 't feel comfortable playing OOP (no one is) better don 't try to be in too many spots.I would advice for example if you raise 15% IP then OOP raise about 5%.

      As you say i think you mean OOP the blinds ? Because of the limpers to be OOP against them you are at the blinds.If you are not sure better check (as BB) or complete (as SB).This look weak but is better to avoid marginal flops cheap.If you hit good in multiway pot you might get big pot.

    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,494
      EnterG is quite correct.

      Pot odds also enter into the equation.
      If we raise first in from the SB, and only raise 3BB, then BB can call wider because he now gets better pot odds, plus he is of course IP over you.

      If there were limpers ahead of you, your hand needs to be somewhat better to raise over them from the SB --- hmmm, maybe this is a leak of mine, but I drop the bottom few hands of my opening range if there are limpers ahead of me, and more again if there are several limpers.

      If there are too many limpers, you need a premium hand, because otherwise short stacks suddenly get such good odds they CAN'T fold. Well, they can, of course, but it becomes stupid for them to do so -- so they overshove, since they're pot committed anyway, they may as well see if they can get everyone to fold.

      Fold Equity is a huge part of raising from the blinds esp in resteal situation.

      With large numbers of limpers, some hands lose their value quickly, where others hold their value better, too.

      So if you do raise over limpers from the blinds, you want to be heads up to the flop as much as possible.

      How do you CBet from the SB w/ 3 or more behind you if you totally miss?

      I rambled a bunch, so to sum up:
      You raise more from the blinds to accomplish the following:
        Take the pot down now if possible (fold equity)
        Isolate yourself against as few opponents as possible.
        Reduce the pot odds for later players, if any
        Get more value from premium hands assuming opponents stay in the hand

      I probably missed a bunch, and I'm not even thinking about cold calling or squeezing.

      I'm interested in hearing what other players have to add,