Staking etiquette question

    • Pakichu777
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      Hi guys

      I recently sent my poker resume to six possible stakers. I've gotten
      replies from 2 of them. One guy has already prepared a contract (I didn't
      sign it though) but he wants me to start a stake lower (nl10) then I asked for.
      The other guy is slower in response but wants to get me started at the stake
      for which I asked (nl25).

      Should I warn these guys that I'm asking two different people to stake me?
      (I will ofc only accept one.) I don't want to scare them off. I just feel guilty for
      wasting one guy's time. Or should I see this as applying for a job and there's
      nothing wrong with looking around.

      This is my first staking agreement ever.
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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      hey there :)

      In my opinion you should work out which deal is best for you are they both going to take the same % of profit? how easy are they to reach if you need to ask them any questions are either offering any mentoring or coaching with the stake? Weigh up all the pros and cons of each deal and you will have the answer of which is best for you

      If it was me i would keep all parties involved updated and let them know i was talking to other people about a possible stake just to be polite. and respectful :)

      Good luck
    • thazar
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      In my opinion there is nothing wrong with looking around and in staking i think one thing is important is honesty. I would let every one know of the exact situation.

      Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any question