Connection Problem.

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      Hey everyone, i'am having an problem, which i cant seem to fix.

      I was playing at bwin, for 5 days on my laptop, everything worked good.

      Now my laptop broke down, and i started using my pc, i downloaded the bwin poker program, installed it, updated it, and when i type in my account and password, it just stops for like 15-20secs. And then shows Unable to login.

      I thought im gonna try playing thought web. As i was connecting to the poker, after while browser just showed that "The operation timed out when attempting to contact "

      Okey, i asked my friend is the web working for him and he said its working fine.

      So the problem is in my pc.

      I've tried google the problem, but i couldn't find anything that would lead to my problem.

      I've tried, uninstalling my nvidia firewall, i've switched my windows firewall off, and i forwarded bwin ports 5700-5799, to allow it. But still nothing.

      My pc is somehow rejecting the connection to website.

      Please suggest something..........
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