Excel Spread sheet for HU SNGS

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    • VorpalF2F
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      I put moved this to the Beginner's Question board.

      It is a really tough question to answer without a lot more detail about what you want.

      I suggest googling to see if you can find ones others have done, and modify to suit your own taste.

    • pyure
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      Pretty sure you'll find some if you google, but it's easy to make a simple one to keep track of profit and RoI

      So for a 1.50 game where winning is +1.38 and losing is -1.50

      Put these headings in A1 - F1: Games, Stake, Won, Lost, Profit, ROI

      Then :
      A2 type in the number of games you've played
      B2 type in the stake
      C2 type in the number of games you've won
      D2 type =(A2-C2)
      E2 type =(C2*1.38)-(D2*1.5)
      F2 type =(E2/(B2*A2)*100)

      Depending on the stake and rake you're paying change the numbers to suit and there ya go, simple way to keep track of your results.