Manchester UK, just touching base.

    • Donohuge
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      Hello all! Just started using Just trying to improve my game like everyone else! I'd love to hear from fellow Mancunians as I mainly play live and would love to find new games and new players to discuss theory with!
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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hey Donohuge,

      Hope you're a blue rather than a read :s_love: don't wanna get off to a bad start do we haha? ;)

      Thanks for joining us at, go get stuck into the forums and meet some people i'm sure you will come across some fellow Mancs soon enough :) don't be shy about asking any questions if you struggle with anything either here on the forums or with poker in general

      Enjoy your wednesday,
    • Oakesyy
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      Hi Donohuge,

      welcome to PokerStrategy. I'm a fellow Manc! and I'm sure you will enjoy it here they have some great videos and articles to help improve anyone's game :)