Learning group for Microstakes Cash players

    • Deomedes
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      Hi guys, i was reading these days Dsty Schmidt's book "Treat your poker like a business" and on a chapter called "practicing efffectively" he introduced a very good idea about players organizing groups so as to split the work and pass each other the knowledge.

      So there i am :s_biggrin: trying to convice you to make one and see if it works.

      Who am I ?
      My name is Konstantinos (call me Deomedes or Deo) i am from Greece and i am a college student who has time to dedicate to his hobby.
      I play the microstakes seriously for about 4 months and have crushed the NL4 but have been crushed on NL10 :D . I have read a lot of books and I have played more than 140.000 hands.

      Who am I refering to?
      I want to state that i do not seek guys who have huge winrates or something but at the same time i do not want to talk with guys about pot odds or what is the difference between a bet ,a raise and a 3bet.

      Besides that, i am not too cocky or anything. If you have read some articles and/or books and have played more than 50k hands we can improve each other's game ;) .

      The most important attributes i want from other guys are to strive for improvement and have time to dedicate on playing an practicing.

      Why that can really work and how?
      First of all, it will work because if you share the same passion for the game as i do then it is really a matter of time to work.

      It will work also because we can exchange ideas, valuable sources, advise each other about leaks we find in the other ones game.

      And at last but not least, we can hold each other's accountable for his goals.

      To wrap it up
      A. I have strong belief to the potential of the idea but it will need maybe some time and faith in the process, at least for the begining.
      B. I think it is better than blogging because a blog seems to me as more lonely process.
      C. I haven't think all the details thoroughly but we can add each other on the community tool and exchange emails to solve the rest.
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    • IngridN
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      Hi Deomedes,

      I think group study is effective and could be motivational for players but can you please share your opinion why you think skype group chat is better than a potential group blog and share your hands/strategy thoughts on the forum with not only micro players but also the ones who are now playing mid/higher limits but once were in the same situation as you are is less productive? A skype chat is messy and have enormous amount of spam, unless you're on 24/7 and can follow the discussion continuously.

    • pleno1
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      Whilst this is potentially a good idea, usually study groups, especially at lower stakes die very quickly, we're actually working on quite a cool project that could make these groups work really well. Probably will be a news/thread soon and will link in here too.

      Skype generally just gets messages lost, you could log in and there be 300 messages and have no time to read, on the forum will always work better as its less spamming and more productivity.

      Something that is quite hard to do is absorb videos and series we will be looking to implement this into the new project so that members can get the most out of our education material whilst learning together.
    • Deomedes
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      Wow really quick answers!

      First of all i made a mistake posting it to the hand evaluation forum :D .

      Second of all, as i said i find blogging more of a lonely process because i ve seen other one's blogs that fail to catch the community's attention and their purpose after all.

      Third, Skype chat it might not br the best option, but chatting in some social network is fine. I do not see why blogging is better than that.

      As for the "die fast" potential the idea has, i take it as an advice to try more to make it work.

      I expect more feedback from you guys.

      Edit: you see, i post it in the right section and i thought i did it wrong. Forums are definetely not for me!!!
    • TheeRealHoff
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      I agree a skype "group" could get messy, but I think a weekly skype call could be a good idea. If we all added each other we could ask questions if both or a few people are on.

      I currently play 6max 4NL @ carbon poker on merge.

      I am in no way a great player. I know I can do well and sometimes I do. Have some leaks I need to find.

      I've done lots of reading and studying. I also read Dusty's book too.
      I've read:
      Play Poker like the Pros, Phil Helmuth
      Phil Gordons Little Green Book, Phil Gordon
      The Poker Midset
      Super System 1
      and Harrington on Online Cash Games 6max NLHE
      I am currently reading the Poker Blueprint and Killer Poker By the numbers. and trying to do the beginners course on this site just to see if I missed anything.

      feel free to add me on skype anytime. TheeRealHoff