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Double or Nothing sits

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    • Vtec9k
      Joined: 03.09.2012 Posts: 39
      I used to play them a lot but not so much recently. Good fun and less variance then other types of SnG but i found them quite boring to grind lots of them.

      I'd normally play super tight in the first 2-3 levels, let the maniacs trade chips. It's a deadly sin to go out in last place of a DYM because of a marginal hand! Having a player who's stacked two people isn't a threat to you, it's a bonus because you're now closer to cashing, and you earn the same amount of cash with 10,000 chips or 500. So stay out of any crazy plays.

      Mid game if everyone is playing tight then I often turn up the aggression. This is the advantage of playing super tight earlier, there might be 1 or 2 short stacks who are scared of busting out near the bubble and 1 or 2 large stacks who figure they can just fold their way to cash.

      If there is only 1 short stack left between me and cash then what I always do is cooperate with other players. Let say the SS goes all in UTG and a big stack calls, if I've even got a semi playable hand I'm going to call too. Then both myself and the big stack will just check down to showdown.

      Please, please, please don't be aggressive in this case! If you see a SS go all in and multiple other players call simply call and check down with them. You have 2x, 3x or even 4x the chance that someone will spike a killer card on the river and you all win!