When to Iso Raise Limpers in Tournaments

    • Michael2345
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      Hey, I've been looking to add isolating limpers more in my tournament game especially when in position. I was wondering if some players or coaches could please help me out in the criteria and hand selection I should be looking for to use this play.

      From what I know I think that the best players to iso raise are the one's who will fold often preflop or to a continuation bet on the flop whereas players who don't give up very often you'd need more value type hands such as hands that can make tptk.

      Thanks in advance.
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    • EVieira93
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      IMO your hands aren't too important when you are iso raising. Very often on the cbet you'll take the pot.

      To make the move correctly, you should aim for players who often limp/folds and don't resist to agressivity most of the hands.
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    • Asaban
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      Hi Michael and welcome to the tournament strategy board =)

      It very much depends on the limit you are playing.

      In low limit tournaments players tend to call very light. In many cases you will not only get called by the limper, but also by one or two other players that are sitting behind you. In these cases you won't take down the pot by simply conti-betting it. I would suggest to isolate limpers for value in these stages. Just play your normal open raising range and size your bet a bit bigger to take the limper into account.

      In higher buyin tournaments you will get 3betted very often. Players who isolate a limper do have a pretty wide range - therefore other regs will always try to play back against your isolation raise. If you can deal with it feel free to isolate a fairly wide range. If you don't: isolate for value.

      Hope I could help you!

      If you have further questions feel free to ask them :)