bowmanville ontario canada

    • taxmasta
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      :spade: thanks to all the hard work you guys put into a great site, reading this stuff is WAY better than cleaning up the house, by the way how do i get into the comminuity games board, i play 5 different local games durring the week i have lots of info to post
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    • brian997
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      You can check this board to post local stuff:
      Users meet Users
    • FrozenRope
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      Hi taxmasta

      Toronto here
    • phpps
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      ottawa here, where is bowmanville?
    • brian997
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      just east of oshawa I believe... I'm from Orillia, 20minutes north of barrie
    • kenstephens
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      Hi it's Ken from Fredericton NB. Nice to see some Canadians here.

      I'm here mostly checking out the site and compliments are in order. I'm in the business myself and see some real good ideas here. One of the really cool things is the size of the community though. It might be fun to hang around a bit.

      I started playing fairly seriously back in 1978 where I ended up dropping out of university because I was making too much money at poker at games on campus to go to class anymore. So I guess that's 30 years ago which is pretty scary now that I think of it. I've been playing online since the thing got started and played for 10+ hrs a day for 3 yrs or so a little while back and got a little burnt out you might say :) Believe me when you're making your living playing online it's work not play. Nowadays I'm busy with my businesses and got out of the online playing rat race we'll say but still enjoy the odd game.

      I promise I'll behave myself here though and not post any links or site names or such :) I'm mostly into sports handicapping now anyway though.

      Best of luck to all and the real value is trading ideas about poker and the real benefit here is just to get you thinking about poker more and that's the real way you get better. I'm hoping to post some replies here and there which will probably challenge your thinking a bit more than usual.

    • SoyCD
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      Hello kenstephens and welcome to PokerStrategy!

      I'm glad to hear you like what you've seen so far. We try to offer the most complete Poker education possible (with coachings, videos, articles and professional hand analysis) while providing the community with a forum on which they can exchange each other.

      So as a former Pro I hope enjoy exchanging yourself with other players here, or sharing some of your stories with those that are aspiring to get there :)

      In order to have access to the rest of the forums though you need to reach bronze status (by either receiving the starting capital or being tracked at one of our partner sites).

      I hope to see you around!

      Best regards,