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HU SNG - [15$ hypers]

    • ursusmm
      Joined: 20.08.2008 Posts: 6,089
      Hello everybody.

      In this blog I will document my progress of climbing up the limits. I will start at the 7$ HU SNGS and my longterm goal is beating the 100$ HU SNGs. I will play the turbo version on Pokerstars.

      :spade: About me :spade:

      I am a 23 year old computer science student from Germany. In my poker career I played NL up to 0.5/1, FL up to 2/4, PLO up to 0.25/.50 ,FR SNGs up to 15$. I started in 2008 with the 50$ from Pokerstrategy and i made some good money. But at the moment I am always bored when playing NL or PLO ... and when I am getting bored I don't play good. I don't really have the motivation to improve my 6max game. So I thought about what could be a good way to start something new and I came up with this idea.

      :spade: The challenge :spade:

      I cashes out everything but 210$. This are 30 buyins for the 7$ HUs. And that's where I will start. I will use the 30 buyin rule as a brm. So I will move up a limit as soon as I have 30 buyins for that limit. I have to step one limit down if I only have 30 buyins left for the lower limit. The goal is to get a 3000$ bankroll to play the 100$ SNGs.

      :spade: Why HU SNGs? :spade:

      HU SNGs are challenging. This is 1 vs 1. Man against man. I like this format.
      I don't need such a tight bankroll management and the profit I can make are big in comparison to my bankroll.

      I will update this blog whenever I think I have something to say. I don't want it to be a "I lost 3 buyins today but only 1 buyin under ev" kind of blog. I will post graphs and interesting hands and some thoughts on the limit and on strategy. If you are playing on the same limits or also want to move up and want to talk about strategy or hands then you can just post here or just add me on skype: ursusmm. Maybe somebody who wants to take the same challenge is out there.

      Ok this was my first post and I want to end this with a great song:

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    • yaxkukmian
      Joined: 24.12.2007 Posts: 2,020
      Will follow you. Also hoping we will do some cooperation in the future :D

      You didn't mention how much experience you have with husng turbos. Although you have quite cg experience but I still like your move to start husngs from the bottom. Players are quite bad at your starting limit but 30BI rule should be adjusted when going higher.

      Advice #1: don't multi-table at the start, rather work on your game :f_wink:

      #2: don't be overconfident. :f_rolleyes:

      #3: add me on skype. :f_cool:

      Good luck!
    • antstruk
      Joined: 30.08.2010 Posts: 494
      Sounds good! Will be following! :f_p:
    • Statistieken
      Joined: 24.07.2012 Posts: 63
      I will be following this.

      I'm playing the $3.50 HU-SNG at this moment, and i got a ROI of 10,7% over the first 215 games. In October i'm also going to start a blog.
    • daun666
      Joined: 12.05.2010 Posts: 540
      GL with your challenge but playing turbos it will get really tough at 60s because action is pretty much dead.
    • bjela
      Joined: 11.06.2010 Posts: 1,012
      Nice, good luck with the challenge :)
    • ursusmm
      Joined: 20.08.2008 Posts: 6,089
      Hello again.

      I am back with my first update. I played 50 7$ turbos so far and my first impression is that most people don't know what they are doing :D But that is good for me because I am just diving into the HU SNG world. I watched some videos on pokerstrategy and tried some strategies in the first games. The first thing I recognized is that nobody ever folds anything so I just have to valuebet relentlessly. The limit is also full of spewtards who 3bet every hand and overbet every street. It can be tilting to play against these kind of players when you don't hit anything. But when you hit a hand just call down and get their whole stack. The other kind of player that I have seen often at this limit is the loose passive player who limps 100% of buttons and defends every big blind. It is fun to play against them. Just wait for a hand and bet bet bet =)

      Ok here is the graph of my first 50 games:

      To answer some questions:

      Advice #1: don't multi-table at the start, rather work on your game fish wink

      I will only play 1 table for a very long time. The learning curce is much higher when I can concentrate on 1 table and how to exploit the specific opponent.

      GL with your challenge but playing turbos it will get really tough at 60s because action is pretty much dead.

      No more action at the turbos? Everybody playing hypers nowadays?

      In the next post I will write something about my default strategies and how to adjust to the opponents tendencies. I hope we can get a discussion running ;)

      So far so good. Keep on grinding ;)
    • ursusmm
      Joined: 20.08.2008 Posts: 6,089

      I haven't played much poker in the last week and I will not play much in the next week. I have to write a paper for the university so I can not put much time into poker. But enough excuses let's get to poker.

      I switched from turbo sngs to the hyper sngs. I really like the hypers and the players I saw on the 7$ and 15$ level are pretty bad. So I will stick to hypers.
      I think I will use something like a 100buy in brm. Unfortunately there is not so much content on pokerstrategy. But from what I have seen the limits should be beatable without much effort.

      Btw... nice first day at the hypers. The first ones are 7$ which I played to get a feeling for the game. The last ones are 15$. Nice upswiiiiing :s_cool:
      For people who don't like clicking on spoilers the graph goes like this: /

      I am pretty impressed how many games I can get in with playing only 1 table. Maybe I can play 2 tables soon but first I will play 1 to concentrate and learn the most common spots.

      I hope I will be able to play at least 1hour/day the next week. But University goes first(as long as I am not crushing the 1k SNGs :P ).
    • ursusmm
      Joined: 20.08.2008 Posts: 6,089

      A small update from me. I don't have much to say. I could not play much but this will change in the future :D
      Here is my hyper hu graph so far. :

      It is funny that the hyper hu aren't tilting me in any way. When I go on a downswing in cash I tilt much more. Playing the hypers I just fire up a new lobby and next game. I just have no time to think about suckouts. Good for me.
      I think the 15$ are easy beatable. I just have to grinde more. Also if there is anybody out there who is playing the same stakes and wants to talk hands or strategy, just add me in skype ;)

      Keep on grinding.
    • ursusmm
      Joined: 20.08.2008 Posts: 6,089
      Short update. Played 140 games today and did pretty well. :megusta:

      Here is the graph: :coolface:

      I hope this goes on, so that I can move up to the 30$. I have the feeling that there are not many very good players on the 15$ level. I just need to grind more and get more games in to get 100 buy ins for the 30s. At the moment I am playing 2 tables but tried out 3 today and I think I can handle 3 pretty good.
    • pbijvoet
      Joined: 30.10.2009 Posts: 2,237
      Will be following this blog. Good luck with them hypers :D
    • ursusmm
      Joined: 20.08.2008 Posts: 6,089
      Hi guys!

      I had a pretty nice upswing the last days. Variance is really sick in these hypers. I played a lot of them while in the upswing. I 3tabled the whole time and I think I can 3table pretty solid. There is not so much postflop plays like in the turbos so they are better to multi table. I just need to grind some more and the move on with 100 buy ins to the 30s. I think there will be the first skill jump. We will see.

      So here is the graph:

      If anybody with some experience at the 30$ level is reading here I would appreciate if they can say something about the skill difference to the 15s ;)

      Ok guys. I am going to sleep now and I am probably not going to play much until Tuesday because I am writing and exam there and I have to put some hours into learning.

      Good night.