30 player SNGs, ICM question

    • bradomurder
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      I use sngwiz and the nash calculator for push/fold spots in the 30man tournys on Ongame. If I set the payout structure to the 30s will it "know" if i'm not on the final table? or will it automatically assume that I am?

      If not, I could use chip equity mode but then the problem is with say 12 people are left (6 pay) there is still some bubble factor

      How do you do it?
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    • Targetme
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      Just use common sense imo sng wiz was never good at mtt bubbles. The bubble is usually only 2 buyins but your top 7 less then 1/3rd of the time so go for it within reason?
    • Asaban
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      To be honest i don't know much about the sng wizard. In the end it is always a good idea to prove the results with your common sense. If you have critical spots that you are not sure about feel free to post them in our hand evaluation forums.

      If you really want to know the answer for your questions I would suggest our software board.

      With 12 people left and 6payed there is some bubble factor for sure, but I wouldn't take it into account too much. It might make a difference of 1,x% equity - in the end it really doesn't matter that much. I mean: ICM calculations and analysis are good, but while you are playing you will always have to use your own brain. Therefore I would focus on clear spots and not on marginal situations that you won't be able to judge while playing anyways.

    • dangermowse
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      Brado, in general you shouldn't use full on cEV for any spot and using wiz or any software for pre FT spots is useless. When you see a reg shoving atc on you from the button from time to time you should basically do the opposite of that.

      In those 30m there is going to be even less bubble factors than other games because at that stage it's more of a crapshoot than any other game out there, including Stars hypers. Post hands.