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    • Meda1985
      Joined: 26.01.2011 Posts: 233
      Hello everyone!
      OK, this is what I have to say: PokerStrategy is one of the best sites in the World, really! That's all! :)
      No, really! Whatever they say, advertise and anything, they do it to the core! I have received Free $50 on FullTilt in matter of hours, Black Friday First Aid on Everest (needless to say I was donk and wasted it all), TaF money from them four times, last two times in an hour or two after my request, still no Second Capital (I heard those exist, too! Shame on You PokerStrategy! :) , but somehow I'm thinking there will be something on FullTilt after November 6th when they will be launched again)... Thanks to them I became "serious" micro-stakes grinder because their educational materials are fantastic and I received money from them to do so! When I wasted first $50 I have received $65 from TaF and invested it in FullTilt and we all know what happened, they have given me First Aid on Everest which I wasted as well, but I didn't give up! Since I have used all of Poker Strategy promotions, I turned to other affiliates and they have given me a chance as well and since then, because I reread basic articles here at least hundred times :) , I became a winning player on limits up to NL10 and I think I could go with NL25 "with no hustle", but I won't since it's not according to BRM! In order to collect the money I have received on other rooms I needed a deposit and PokerStrategy's Taf money came to me in the best moments possible! Afterwards, I have been investing that money into various rooms to collect FDB's and it's going well. Since I have been spending some of it on private things, so a little help from someone is always great! For example, just today I needed a little bit of money to be able to withdraw from Genting Poker, had almost nothing on my Skrill, I saw that I have another $50 here and in matter of hour or two they have sent me those and my withdrawal is under way! :) Why I'm not playing their fantastic 400% FDB? They are very greedy! You need to generate almost $24 rake in order to receive $5!!! Some cash-backs are cheaper! Since iPoker split, I don't like them anymore, as well!
      Anyhow, grinding my way to bliss! :)
      What I wanted to say is: PokerStrategy is one of the best and most reliable THINGS in the World! :)
      I know it's a little kiss-ass, but I want everybody to know what they can expect here since the moment luck brings them to this place!
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,497
      Hi Meda,
      Wow -- thank you VERY much.

      I found when googling for a particular poker problem.
      I signed up and was immediately impressed.

      Once I had signed up, though, I realized that even more than all of the articles, videos and coachings that are available, it is the PEOPLE behind that make it what it is. There are a lot of passionate, hard-working people that you never see. These are the ones the create the content, organize the material and manage the whole site.

      Thanks once again for you kind words,
    • ArkhamAsylum
      Joined: 06.09.2011 Posts: 527
      meda and pokerstrategy up a tree K...I...S...S....I....N...G