Which should I use?

    • pepeelpewRNMD
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      Hello, I am going to create an account at PokerStars, and I'd like to use this opportunity to take a free package of a good pokersoftware which accepts to refer me to PokerStars.
      I'd like to know which is the best software you would advice me.
      My focus is FL Hold' em.
      Thank you!
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    • Krishjanis
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      Don't use any of the poker software free offers. All you do is just save like 60$ and you have that account for life so after a while it will be as good as useless. For Pokerstars pretty much the best thing you get is pokerstrategy.com that provide educational content, there are no rakeback sites for Pokerstars as they don't do rakeback, they just have a VIP system. There could be something similar to pokerstrategy.com out there that would provide something longterm, but can't link anything as it's against the policy.

      I used Party poker to get myself a free software and I haven't played on party since, because I don't get the pokerstrategy.com content, I just ended up saving around 49$ and that's it, so don't make the same mistake I did and waste a good poker room.