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I grinded NL10 today

    • lilprincess
      Joined: 13.05.2008 Posts: 2,549
      so it all started when I decided I should try to create a better layout for my HUD. I launched a random NL10 SH table which happened to be deepstacked.
      I'm like kewl, imma own them at teh deepstacked game while tweaking my layout.

      So I proceed to bluff them off every pot. Winning 50BB in 26hands without having hit a single pair. I'm playing 51/47 :D and 3bet 36% of my hands. Along with that I work on my layout. Suddenly I start to get hands but oops they all get coolered :)
      I even CIB all the way to 150BB allin w/ trips vs trips kicker+1 and we didn't even split (sigh). So I lost 2.5 fullsatcks, which is 5buy-ins as this is a deep table.

      Then I go to my reports tab where I can see my stats for each limit. I'm a winner everywhere but at NL10, at first I laugh

      So I finish my HUD layout, then I actually discover I hate it, and I reset it ...meh 50$ for nothing. Then I think this is ridiculous, I lost half a NL100 buy-in in such a stupid way I is going to get it back :P , plus my ego couldn't bare with my being a lifetime loser at NL10 ^^.

      So I fire 8 tables, I actually find lots of tables where average pot is more than 30BB :D !
      And I make it up in 1k hands, I am relieved. At first I got set over setted for 200BB :rolleyes: . But its cool to know I can beat this limit (I never really played it, jumped directly to NL25 as I thought it would be easier against better players :tongue: ).

      Overall players are really really exploitable by being very very aggrp (I ran at 31/28 on average), one of them though pulled off a sick bluff(for NL10) against me I have to give him credit for that.

      here's the graph

      end of story.
      if someone wants to hire a coach for NL10...:D :D :D
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