showing cards at showdown

    • zedkay
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      I play on poker 770.

      sometimes at showdown the cards of the bettor are shown even when the other player folds to his bet.

      I thought the cards are shown only when two or more are in the showdown?

      can someone explain why?
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    • doctorkgb
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      Player can show his cards if it is folded if he wants. I am not shure about that room, but in most rooms you have an option to show cards as a winner if you choose to bu clicking a button
    • VorpalF2F
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      In Poker770 -- and I presume most iPoker rooms -- under settings, choose table.
      Then in the right-hand side, clear the checkbox by "Auto muck".

      I suggest leaving it checked though.
      If ever you have the urge to flash your junk at the fish, just hit the F5 key before the hand ends. You will then have the option to show your hole cards.

      I cannot think of a truly good poker reason to do this though.
      When you bet, you are in essence saying, "this is the price you must pay to see my hole cards". If they aren't willing to pay your price, why give out free samples.

      I've also seen people show the LOSING hand. They are saying, "See, I am not a total fish, I really had a hand, but yours was better."

      It makes even less sense to show in this case.
      First off, hero knew his hand was best, 'cuz the software gave him a lovely pile of chips. And if hero really wanted to know what villain had he could look at the hand history.

      Now apparently there is a third reason.
      I have not seen it, but I have seen reports of the iPoker client doing odd things with folded hands. If you see this happen, email Poker770 support the hand history.

    • zedkay
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      Thankto both for the considered replies