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BRM vs Variance/Tilt

    • Vip3rNZ
      Joined: 11.11.2011 Posts: 340
      Ok, so i recently had a real life cost that caused me to withdraw my bankroll all but $12, i droped from about $320.

      I've decided to try a very agro BRM with this $12 at the nl tables.

      I'm trying a 5BI brm untill I hit 10nl, which is where I was when i withdrew.

      I will play

      2NL from $12-$25

      5NL from $25-$50

      10NL from $50-$400

      16NL from $400+

      As you can see I plan to return to my regular BRM of 25BI when I hit 10NL

      So far my bankroll stands at $28, currently shooting 5NL, 20FPP away from $10 bonus.

      My question is why dont people recommend this BRM more often, I wish i used it to start with?

      Anyone can reload $10 to restart if gone bust, so thats not a problem, if they keep busting 20+ times or cant afford reload then find new game/hobby, that simple?
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    • IhasLuck
      Joined: 07.05.2010 Posts: 326
      Its a more varianced way to build a bankroll. By having a more conservative brm you will have a better chance of building your br, although more slower. beginners usually handle cant handle losing big chunks of bankroll. And they dont play for the cents, more for the progres. And br is a way of measuring that progress. Aggressive brm requires strict discipline and to be able to move up and down quickly. Which can be hard for some
    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hmm i have seen a lot of pros say if they could start again the one thing they would change is they would use a lot more aggro BRM.

      But as a beginner i think this makes poker a gamble instead of a game of skill. I mean if i started again with no knowledge and played NL10 with $50 bankroll unless i got super lucky and managed to survive a few k hands theni probably wouldnt bother to learn the game.

      Also its good practice imo. at some point you will have to switch to a half decent BRM so why not start from the beginning which of course also allows you to get in thousands of hands of valuable experience at the low levels while you are still learning the game.

      Someone in your situation who has beaten the micros in the past over a good sample and for whatever reason had to withdraw. then sure i would advise to go for it like you are as long as you can afford to keep depositing if you bust which brings me onto my final point that some people just simply cant afford to redeposit.

      Anyway good luck rebuilding hope you are back at NL10 in no time