• noz03
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      How do you play this part of the tourny? I've been min raising it from the sb/button with reasonable cards (top 40% or so). But I seem to be getting called too often by fish, and then if I try to cbet with air on the flop they still seem to call me on it! I'm getting so frustrated!
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, noz03 : )

      Generally with 15-20bb vs fish you have to pick your ways. Fish will not be familiar with effective stack sizes, so expect a lot of calls from them.

      -blind vs blind- vs passive fish, I will usually go for limp/stab, which rates to be still effective enough
      -don't min raise bvb, you only blow up the size of the pot- they will rarely fold and then call light on cbets, so you don't achieve much
      -vs aggro fishes bvb you can either shove some hands for 15-20bb like small pockets, low Ax or also limp/shove them if he abuses your limps. You can also limp/trap some hands like KK-AA. Or you simply tighten up your raising range, which by itself with increase your raise/calling range if he goes over the top and shoves.

      -If you have position-I like min raising a bit better, but we still have to pick our spots. I would exclude low offsuited Ax hands, but more go for nice suited hands like 89s, JTs, A5s. Hands that have good playability vs fishes as they will call a lot and we will see flops. That still doesn't mean that you should go too far as even if we flop well, we don't have much room to maneveour with these shallow stacks.
      -Not to mention some fishes will be on the aggro side and re-ship. I expect, however, most fishes to be on the passive side.

      -Also-don't call raise with 15-20bb usually, unless you want to trap somebody.

      It's a big topic to be covered in a single post. If you have any further questions- go ahead and ask or you can also post hands in the hand evaluation forum if you have a specific situation you are interested in.